Mush your own sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies through the Alaska, Yukon Wilderness.

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Trip Advisor  

 I enjoyed three more weeks of winter(over 3 feet of snow)at my cabin in upstate NY before having to head back to OHIO. I dreamt of dog sledding every night for at least 2 weeks. Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality - the adventure exceeded all expectations. I call my cabin in NY "Almost Heaven" but your place is a lot closer. Long ago I gave up trying to explain to less adventurous friends and family why I go on wilderness trips and choose to endure such "hardship". It is difficult to explain the allure let alone
comprehend the intangible and indefinable nature of the experience unless it has touched, altered or awakened you.
Barb Hartman
Sierra Club Tour 2008

Lingering images from a week with Bush Alaska Expeditions.
   Several weeks after I’m home in San Diego, here are some the sights and sounds that resound in my memory.
   We bring out the dog harnesses. A few dogs, then more and more wildly jump and bark “Pick me. Pick me.” Moments of dog-hysteria. Then everyone is in line and I’m looking at Gator and Moxie, my lead dogs. “Are we ready? Let’s Go.” And the sled takes off.
   Gator, Moxie, Scooter, Djembe, and Moby move out briskly. Gator, all business, keeps the line taunt and us on the right trail. Moxie, the second lead, nudges him playing around but does her share. Scooter, team dog and group clown, swings wildly to the left jumping into snow banks. Gator looks around. Is he giving Scooter or me the eye? Djembe and Moby are my steady, hard-working wheel dogs. We glide quietly forward. Expanses of river ice, hills of dead trees, huge boulders and even larger sky. Exhilaration.
   First time I miss the tree, make the turn, and slide down the hill still standing on the runners—“Hurrah”.
   Overflow. The dogs, sled and I sink deeper into the chilling water. Boots fill. Gator tries to turn back, then goes forward, but Moby goes on the opposite side of a large tree limb. Hung up. Dog sled in back catches up to me and 3 dogs climb on me and sled, a safe haven island of sorts. Guides Garf and Matt dash into the water. Rescued.
   Fire built, ice for water retrieved, dogs fed, people fed. Jane and Matt suggest some games. Silliness and laughter.
   Wayne Hall reads from A Land Gone Loneliness. This is about them, their friends, their neighbors and the life they have chosen to live. I’m awed.
   Late night sky is clear, filled with stars. Earlier white auroras streaked and vibrated across the darkness. Long gone. Others asleep. Silence. Then in unison the wolf-ancestry dog’s begin to howl. Thirty seconds, a minute, more? And as abruptly it stops. Silence. I shiver. Peace. Sleep.
Sue Hearoid
Sierra Club Tour 2008

   I want thank you for the incredible experience that you helped provide my father and me. It turned out to be far better than I ever could have expected. The dogs were great, the runs were spectacular, the country was breathtaking, the clothes were warm, and the food was magnificent! The opportunity to participate in the day-to-day activities really enhanced the whole experience and made me feel more like a part of a team instead of like just another tourist. I will definitely come back to run dogs with you all again soon.
Thanks again,
Brent Minchew 2008
Austin, TX

   "I just came back from my second trip with Bush Alaska Expeditions. The landscape of Interior Alaska was amazing as usual and Wayne, Scarlett and their son, Matt (now doing some guide work himself), were great company again. If anything, I had more fun than the first time."
   Michael and I had a great time. I would like to come back again may be 2010? We'll have to wait and see.
Best wishes,
Phone: (07) 3221 4766
Fax: (07) 3221 2806
Mobile: 0419 659 018
E-mail: bondj@qldbar.asn.au

   It's a testament to my experiences with you all & working
with the dogs that I was thinking of what I'd do next time even before I'd left the US. Thanks again for your time, patience & expertise. In retrospect, the experiences
on the trail went beyond my expectations & it's a credit to you all that I was a part of & that I able to benefit from, the personal relationships you have developed with your "neighbours". The shared experiences amongst new friends rather than a Client / Guide one where you show just show off the scenery is what I'll remember. (Say hello to Earl & Sandy and Gaytan for me.) Believe it or not, one of the things I quite enjoyed was our final day on the rails returning from the 70 mile & helping to pull out the mining dozer bogged at the creek crossing. (It felt good to be of
some use.) Do us a favor & chuck a extra fatball to Seela, Gator, Cranny, Pedro, Toby & Rudy for me. No good deeds should go unrewarded.
   If you wish you could add this to your reference page.
"Coming from Brisbane(Australia),there are few trips that live up to expectations after having to endure 26 hours of flight-time, 6 security checks, numerous time-zone changes and a 130ºF drop in ambient temperature. If you are up for a challenge & want to experience the real Alaska with real Alaskians rather than passively enjoying the scenery, Waye, Scarlett & Matt from Bush Alaska Expeditions are the people to talk to."
Best Wishes,
Michael Long 2008
Brisbane, Australia

   Morten Agnar Hagen and his wife Anita have enjoyed Alaska and taken several trips with Bush Alaska Expeditions. They are not new to the world of mushing as they have their own wonderful team of Malamutes. Along with mushing expeditions they have climbed some of the world’s highest mountains.
   They have been and are proud sponsors of Team Norway in the Iditarod and for Wayne and his Quest for 2009.
Oslo, Norway
(+47) 22 46 10 98

   Many thanks for leading the most exciting and happy adventure anyone could ever have. I had an absolutely fabulous time on my Sierra Club expedition with Bush Alaska. Great dogs, great people, great adventure. And I know where of I speak. That was my fifth dogsled adventure, and by far the biggest. Dan Peed Sierra Club 2008

   I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful trip this past February. There are three things that I cherish and value in life, wonderful people, a beautiful environment and really neat dogs. All of you put this together for me and made a lasting memory. Your hospitality, knowledge of the trails and skill on the sleds, effort and skill in all logistics, care for the two legged and four legged team members, great care in the safety of us all, great teaching ability, sense of humor, calm demeanor, and wonderfully trained pleasant dogs, were all outstanding. Thanks so much for the great time and great experience.
Hope to see you soon,
Jane Borghese – Washington
Sierra Club Tour 2007 and again in 2008

   "This was my fourth year running dogs and without question this was the best experience I have had. Fabulous dogs, fabulous scenery and most of all Wayne and Scarlett are fabulous people. I wanted to do a race and with help of Scarlett's organizational skills and Wayne's expert dog handling I ran a race, the Percy DeWolfe, and with Wayne's help I surprised myself and finished second. Boy did we celebrate when we got to Dawson City ! I can't say enough about these guys and with Wayne's support I am now set to run in one of the top mid-distance races in Alaska in January 2008. Wayne and Scarlett Hall are truly very special people".
Andrew Davies
Mahwah, New Jersey 2007

   This trip goes beyond an adventure vacation. You will learn to feel comfortable in the cold, how to control a dog team and how to have a bigtime fun on the trails just like the dogs! But also, feeling totally involved in the simple but so challenging life is an experience of highest value."
Joerg Sommers - Sierra Club Tour February 2007 and again in 2008

   "I can whole heartedly recommend bush alaska
expeditions to anyone who has an interest in the
Alaskan wilderness, or wants to experience genuine
bush living.    Having done a few dogsled trips in Alaka already, I wanted to find a trip where I could travel alone with a guide, push myself a little and learn more about
wilderness skills.    One of the best things about my two weeks trip was that Wayne and Scarlett are able to tailor trips to
each client. You can be as intrepid, or as comfortable
(within reason,) as you like.
   My trip with their guide, Matt Elmslie, was an
experience that I will never forget. Truly peaceful
and utterly wild. We were lucky enough to see a pack
of grey wolves ay close quarters, which was a long
held dream come true for me.
   Like a lot of Bush alaska's clients, i will definately
be a repeat customer.    And thanks again to wayne and scarlett for welcoming me into their home, and to matt for sharing his skills, and his old time huskies dogs with me."
Louise Dumayne
England 2007

   We wanted to say what an INCREDIBLE time we had on our recent dogsledding trip. Everyday brought new adventures and experiences more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. We felt an utter sense of peace when we were on the trail, and a feeling that we had come home each evening. We learned so much about ourselves and tested our limits in the elements - we're from the deep south, after all. Most of all, we became wonderful, life-long friends with all of you! For us, this was a life-changing experience that we will always cherish. We hope to be back in 2009!
Jim and Kyla Ross
Atlanta, GA, Feb. 2007

   I wanted to thank you for your generous hospitality, above and beyond kindness, and incredible knowledge and experience that you pass on to all. I had a wonderful vacation, never to be forgotten, and you are all awesome people.
   We had alot of snow in the mountains while I was gone, so yesterday was spent digging out and running the puppies without a sled! Keep me posted on all your doings, as I would love to stay in touch.
A big hug and so many thanks to you both,
Marty – Sierra Club 2007

   It was great picking Don up at the airport because he talked non-stop about you and your lives for a couple hours. He has never been so affected by a trip before, really blew him out of the water - he is in a totally blissful state (and often he comes back somewhat grumbly).
   Don loves you guys and I feel like I have gotten to know you some from the stories and the email. So, I am sure we will stay in touch.
All the best,
Sarah – Sierra Club Trip Leader Don Murch 2007 and again in 2008

   It is hard to put into words how much we enjoyed our time with you and how appreciative we are for the experience. Both of you and Matt were all awesome. Deke said over and over how much the experience exceeded his expectations, and I fully agree. Please pass our appreciation on to Matt.
   Finally, it was fun and inspiring to witness the obvious love and concern you two have for each other. May God continue to pour his blessings on you!
The world is round—as we travel life’s paths, I hope we meet again!
Dean, Monclova, Ohio 43542- Sierra Club 2007

   "If you want an adventure where the reality matches the advertising, where the dogs are friendly, the weather cold, the food good and the company great, then Wayne & Scarlett Hall's expeditions are for you. I got everything I wanted out of my expedition, including a real insight into what living in the Alaskan wilderness might be like. I've already booked a return trip."
John Bond, Brisbane, Australia.
bondj@qldbar.asn.au" 2007

   "My 23 year old son and I had the adventure holiday of a lifetime with Wayne, Scarlett and Garf in Dec 2006 when we visited them from Brisbane, Australia. The Hall's took us into their family for 10 days while at the same time giving us a complete understanding of life in the Alaskan wilderness, and a great insight into working with their wonderful dogs.
   However this was no 'dude ranch' holiday. Come physically prepared and ready for adventure.
Mark and Simon Hipgrave
mark@hipgrave.com.au "
Australia, Dec 2006

   "The trip took us to some of the most pristine and remote places I've ever been to. The dogs were very well trained and Scarlett's moose burritos were fantastic. After having done several extreme adventure trips, I can tell you this was one of the most down to earth, realistic trips I've ever done. Highly recommended to anyone looking for the real thing."
Jaime de la Garza
(52-81) 8865-8440

   “I enthusiastically recommend Bush Alaska Expeditions to anyone interested in an authentic bush experience. His dogs, equipment, bush craft, local knowledge, and teaching skills are superb. I say this as someone who has been writing about Alaska adventure for 10 years, and also worked three years as a summer boatman for a commercial river guide in the Brooks Range.”
John Balzar
LA Times National Correspondent
Author of the book “Yukon Alone”
Published 2000

   “Charlie was so excited when he got home. I would like to personally thank you for making his dream of a lifetime come true.” Charlie Moore has returned many times and each trip is much looked forward to.
Sherry Moore
Greenwood, Delaware

   “Let me once again say thank you for the great trip (adventure) and the hospitality you both showed Brenda and myself. The extra time you shared with
me was much appreciated. Again thank you. You take care and stay safe.”
Tom Roig
Shreve, Ohio

   I wanted to write and say THANK YOU for hosting me in one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Being outside with the dogs and whizzing through the forest was truly invigorating, and the peacefulness of the vast open space of the Yukon River just began to give me an idea of the magnitude -- and solitude -- of the Alaskan frontier. Your dogs are amazing, and they obvious love the running.
   Your endless hospitality and warmth (and wonderful hearty food) has stayed with me and will continue to do so for a lifetime...
Please give "my team" big hugs for me!
Warmest wishes,
Laurel A. Segel
San Francisco-Sierra Club Tour

   Per Nielsen has made many trips with Wayne and Bush Alaska Expeditions. His wife, Metta has joined him on two trips and their son, Jesper for one trip. Per and Metta were proud to sponsor Wayne in his 2006 Quest and will do so again in 2009.

   “Another wonderful wilderness experience, fine weather, good hard trails, friendly and hard working dogs. Thanks for everything!”
Chris Bilham
Hong Kong
(852) 28904528

   “ Only in interior Alaska can one have such a unique experience as this. My final evaluation of the whole trip was complete fulfillment of those lifelong dreams.”
Duane Harper

   My trip with you is beyond description, beyond words in my vocabulary. You are a wonderful couple and I was so blessed to have been led to Bush Alaska Expeditions during my first investigations for my trip. The experience of traveling to Dawson, Canada by dog sled was a once in a lifetime event and one that will live forever in my memories. Staying in old trapper’s cabins with a wood stove, a table and perhaps a bed, all you needed, made the trip even more complete.
   You were both so willing to answer my endless questions and are so knowledgeable about Alaska and its wilderness, whether it is wildlife, plant life, water, ice or how to make a life in the bush. Yet, you also allowed plenty of silence to fall, to truly take in our surroundings and the peacefulness of sharing in such beauty. The food was excellent and we certainly never went hungry.
   Your dogs are wonderful and friendly and will always hold a special place in my heart. Each had such different personalities, but worked together so well to keep me on the trail and get me up and down those hills! Surprising to me, they even listened to my commands! It was an absolutely wonderful feeling to have them take me out while leaving you both and your teams behind. I will never forget that feeling of pride and accomplishment in “my” team. Thank you both so much for a wonderful two weeks!
God bless,
Alice Craig
Lebanon, OH
(513) 932-4654

Ginger Lowry-Brown
Cloudland, GA 30731
(706) 862-2814

   It’s Saturday night – I’m in a motel room in Fairbanks and your somewhere on the trail to Dawson. I think I know who has the better deal and it’s not me! I can’t believe how much I miss waking up in a tent/cabin, stepping outside to see the dogs, that exhilaration of leaving camp, and the wonder of spending the day with the teams, in such wonderful silence, solitude and beauty. I miss the air, the water, the views, the joy, the peace, the dogs and you.
   I really cannot say it enough, THANK YOU for taking me into your world and letting me be a part of it.
Mary Graham – England

   Truly this has been the most extraordinary week ever – so many firsts and dear new friends, two and four-legged, to feed one’s memory bank for years.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, patience and hospitality.
Leslie Clarke – Florida

   RECOMMENDATION: I can definitely recommend that one NOT cry while dogsledding. On the way to the airport, I realized this was my last time on the dogsled and I began to cry. It was cold and hard to see. I only get my adventures once so they are very precious to me. Thank you for making this experience possible.
Debbie Clymer – Washington

   What an incredible time you enabled me to experience last week! My trip to Alaska was one that will always stand out in my life's experience. And the dogs. They are such amazing creatures. My eyes well up just thinking about them. I am still somewhat speechless, still processing the whole experience, but I do know that it was and will remain (despite all the experiences to come) one of the most special times in my life.
Juliet Guzzetta – New York 2006

   Thank you again so much for the incredible adventure of a lifetime and sharing your lives with us. It was a week we will never forget. Look forward to seeing you again.
Bob & Carole Thornton
Sierra Club Trip 2007

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