Erik Larson has set up pictures with GPS cords for the Extreme Trip. It is an enjoyable slide show. Please check it out...  EVERYTRAIL

The following pictures of overflow are from one of our extreme trips and are not what someone could expect on one of our tours geared for beginner and intermediate mushers.


Apr 4...our season ended yesterday with the departure of our last 2 guests and it was a really nice season. We enjoyed the interaction with all the clients and some great mushing. Snow conditions have been good and temperatures are holding to where we get to take some nice short fun runs here for the next few days.

Below is a paragraph that helps show the experience we are seeking to send our clients home with. There are also some new reviews on Trip Advisorhttp://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g30981-d2639682-Reviews-Bush_Alaska_Expeditions_Dog_Sled_Tours-Eagle_Alaska.html

Kate and I returned to Atlanta and were met with a lot of hectic work and travel, so the past few weeks have just gotten away from me. We want to thank you for your gracious hospitality at the Homestead, and tell you that we had a terrific time! The dog mushing was a blast: we both enjoyed the experience even more than we had expected. Of course the dogs are the stars, and they quickly captured our hearts and admiration. But we also enormously enjoyed meeting the two of you and getting a peek at your extraordinary lifestyle. Wayne could not have taken better care of us, and we feel that by the time we left we had made great friends in Eagle. There is obviously a lot of work involved in putting a trip like this together, and we felt that your planning and logistics were carried-off without a hitch, especially considering Scarlett’s unexpected trip to the lower 48. You run a good operation.

Mar 10...life can throw some hard curves and I had to leave to go to my mom the day the crew came back in. I did not get to see them which was a shame as I missed hearing a lot of the stories but if I get a chance to catch up I will post more of their trip.

One of the 1st team members sent a nice e-mail today and here is what he had to say... Dear Wayne and Scarlett ,

I am writing to thank you both for organising a wonderful adventure, I loved all of it. It was very nice to finally meet you both after a lot of emails over the last six months. I love Alaska ,your home and everyone I met.

The trip was great fun and I am very grateful that you where prepared to take the risk of letting me join it having never met me before. It was very different to previous sledging trips I have done , mainly because of the dogs. Oh and the swimming! I have never been around such well trained dogs. They are amazing. Being able to put on and take off harnesses, feed them and direct them to the sledges without the manic hassle I have had to deal with in the past was fantastic. The process is a joy rather than a Herculean effort that left one in a muck sweat. The other wonderful thing was the way the dogs responded to commands. To get a team to turn right or left off the trail into deep snow instantly is very impressive. You are magicians.

Another team member heard from...It's 3.20am and I've given up trying to sleep and come downstairs for a cuppa and bowl of oatmeal. Thank you so, so much for giving me the opportunity to have such an experience (water sports included!) How could I worry with 5 mountain men to help when needed? And how can I possibly explain to folks here what an adventure it all was. I know I was a bit of 'the weakest link' but boy, what scenery, what dogs, what people, (what bruises!) what a life. That was truly living, and I can't say thank you enough. But I will write again and at more length when it's not 3am!!
Love you and Alaska lots,
Musher Mary xxx

Here is another team member and his thoughts...- the dogs: they always go at the top of the list because, even when I'm knee-deep in overflow and Lil Miss is up on the bank and won't even LOOK at the water, I'm still constantly amazed by what they do!

- the overflow: yes, yes....I know.....it's a pain in the butt. But still....I couldn't help but smile when we hit it. Yep, I'm a freak.....

- trail-breaking: OK, so there was little any of us could do to take the responsibility off of Wayne & Nate's shoulders here....and I'm sure it's no fun for you guys ....but again, I'm amazed by the work the dogs do in carving out a trail in the snow!

- Mark & Lori: what an incredible experience! Just getting to know them and get a glimpse into their lives "in the middle of the middle of nowhere" alone was worth the price of admission! Definitely going to keep in touch with them!

- claiming several new cabins for SPAIN! It just never gets old - haha!

There was more of course. Every moment on the trail (even on the Yukon!) adds to the full experience. The unexpected is always out there lurking and I guess that's what keeps me wanting more. Of course, sometimes I make my own fun (however accidentally) by flying out of Spike's or something like that but.....never did say I was a professional or anything....haha!

Feb 26...the team is one day away and looking good!

Day 15


Feb 25...the team had a short day today.

Day 14


Finally a few pictures are filtering in.

Mary and her swimming lessons with Nate appearing to direct the show.

Nate, Wayne, Tim, Eric, Michael, Mary and Lori relaxing in the evening.

Feb 24...Day 13 and the team have made it to Washington Creek.

Day 13

Feb 23... Day 12 looks like the team made Slaven's and can enjoy the historic surroundings.

Day 12

Feb 22...Day 11 has the team back at the mouth of the Kandik River with plans to head further down the Yukon to Slaven's Roadhouse...an historic cabin site in the Yukon Charley Rivers Preserve.

Day 11

Feb 21...The new team members headed away from the warm hospitality of Mark and Lori and began the travel back down the Kandik River. Day 10 had the group at an old cabin site that was once lived in by Randy and Karen Brown. With luck the colder temps had the overflow frozen up.

Feb 20th...Day 9 was an interesting day for all. The group woke up to minus 42 F. and weather that was flyable so 1 of the new members of the team left Fairbanks on Wrights Air and landed on a river strip near the cabin of Mark and Lori. The plane then loaded up with extra gear, extra bags of dog food and 1 wrist injured Jake (Wayne's favorite dog). The plane then flew into Eagle where it dropped its load gathered a plane full of fresh gear, food and the other 2 members of the new group. The plane left Eagle, flew back to the Kandik River dropped that load and picked up the 3 team members that were leaving. Thus begins the 2nd half of the Extreme trip.

Feb 19th...Day 8 was a tough day. The team had pushed on up ahead to a camp site, made camp and enjoyed the evening. They headed back expecting maybe a little bit of wet stuff but Mary found herself in waist deep overflow. So the final day for Mary, Erik and Tim was another tough one but all were happy and enjoyed the adventure.

Day 10

Day 9

Day 8

Feb 18...Looks like the team has had a fun day of exploring and have set up camp about 12 miles above the last cabin. Hopefully I will be able to hear more of what they are up to soon. It looks like they are a couple of miles up Big Sitdown Creek. They may be out of satellite phone range as they are sending me double SPOT's in the evening a sign to me that they can't get out by sat phone, for 1 reason or another.

Day 7

It is confirmed...they triumped and made their goal. A group of snow machines had spent about 4 days attempting to reach the same spot and were unable to get there so I can bet the team is celebrating tonight!

Feb 17th...The group chopped ice and dried gear yesterday at Mark and Lori's and then headed out this morning in an attempt to reach their furtherest goal along the Kandik River. I am waiting to hear if they made it. There was some trail that they would have been able to follow for awhile but then they were hitting virgin trail and did not know what the conditions would be so did not know if they would reach the next cabin or set up a tent camp for the night.

Day 6

Feb 16th...will just post the message I received from Wayne, last night, as that kind of says it all...I would not let Mark kiss me (Opps that was from a previous message I sent to Wayne).......We don't need any dog food on wrights...someone figured too much dog food for this trip. Only 17 miles today ...tough miles...all of us soaking wet....dogs "almost" swimming.....lots of overflow...Gary flew over...heard he was going to give you a report...we had 4 teams on one side of the river and me leading on the other side..I was walking back to help swim other teams over when Gary flew by....good crew of clients...Tim is maybe the toughest....63 yrs old and he was wading back and forth to help everone. Mark and Lori are GREAT hosts with us....plan B in effect.....maybe plan C and D...tomorrow is a Zombie attack day...that means day off for certain dogs and certain people...any dog run will be a short fun run tomorrow......hopefully next day to Jeffs cabin...IF Earl and Charlie make it there tomorrow.............probably have the charter land here at Marks......all is good even though we don't quite have a specific sheduale right now..Mary is sitting next to me as I write this and says..."she didn't realize she was taking a water skiing package along with a dog sled trip"


Day 5

Feb 15...I talked to Wayne last night and everyone is in good spirits as they made their way 32 miles up the Kandik yesterday. They had to push through some overflow but it appears to have been manageable.

Day 4

Feb 14...Happy Valentine's Day...the team has moved well up the Kandic River. Hopefully I will talk to the team today and know more how things are going. The only message I have gotten is that the boxes I sent with the food supplies are falling apart so I have images of burritos being spread along the river with dogs scarfing them up.

The group is into Day 4 of a 17 day adventure…heading into totally new and remote territory for our guides and clients.

At this point on Day 3 the group jumped off of familiar trail systems and headed into new and unknown trails.

Light snowfall early in the year had us worried about trail conditions on overland portions. Then severe cold moved in, followed by deep snows, followed by very warm temps that have caused a lot of overflow that is protected under the heavy layer of snow.

Snow machines have been over sections of the Kandik River and have busted through the protecting layer of snow which has helped to freeze up some of the wet overflow. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Day 3

Feb 13 has the team at the mouth of the Kandic River. Tomorrow takes them into new country.

Day 2

Feb 12 was the start of this season's Extreme Trip. This year we are calling this an Extreme Trip rather than an Expedition as we are running it a little differently. It is into unknown territory for everyone but there will be, hopefully, trail the whole way. With the cold we have had, followed by deep snow and then very warm weather we are expecting wet overflow conditions and that is what we have been hearing from snowmachiners that have been running up the Kandic River. Our crew will not turn into the Kandic until tomorrow and we are hopeful that current cooler temps will have the overflow frozen to where the teams will not be slogging along in wet slush. I will post any news as I hear it.

Yesterday the group ran about 45 miles and overnighted in a cabin near the Nation River. Here is the SPOT location...

Day 1


2011 Pictures



Photo Album




Mush your own sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies through the Alaska, Yukon Wilderness.

This page has a lot of photos please wait to see them all!

March 2013 Dog Sledding Video by Mike and Katie Rabalais


Check out a neat video, "Twenty-four Feet Across the Yukon," that one of our clients, Court, has put together. His video covers so much of what happens while on tour with us.

http://www.vimeo.com/21423713 .

For more information
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Meet Team "A"...Erik, Wayne and Matt


Expedition 2011 Map

Erik Larson, one of the members of Team "A," has put together a map on Every Trail of the Expedition:  Every Trail


EXPEDITION 2011 ENDS... In the opposite column are just a few pictures from the Expedition. It will probably be awhile before more pictures from the Expedition and the touring season get posted. test


March 27th...Team "A" pulled into the yard last night around 10:30 after deciding to break and do a night run in cooler temps. They came in with smiles on their faces and stories to tell. So today is a day to kick back...look at pictures and relate all the neat things that happened to both teams. Each group had some wonderful experiences and the expedition was a total success. Pictures will be posted later as we have time to process things.

Team "1" made it into the yard with teams of very happy dogs. All 4 and 2 legged critters with smiles on their faces. They are planning on a rest day and then maybe a fun trip on Sunday. The 70-Mile river water was beginning to flow over the ice and much of their last 2 days were in 4 inches or more of running water.

Team "A" is near the Nation River and will roll in here later tomorrow at which point everyone will swap stories and look at pictures. Hopefully I will be able to put up some of the photos.

March 25...Nate checked in with me at the Percy DeWolfe Dog Sled Race Checkpoint yesterday which is where I was last night and why I did not get to post last night. Team "1" is moving fast and should be in tonight. They are doing well and have had a great trip. Team "A" is back on the Yukon and have done a side trip downriver to an area called Slaven's and will start heading back up the Yukon today.

Team "A" March 24, 2011

Team "1" March 24, 2011  

March 23...The teams have headed in their opposite directions and appear to be doing well. Team "A" is well on the way down the Charley and Team "1" has made the hard climb and descent ot the mountain pass.

Team "A" March 23, 2011

Team "1" March 23, 2011  

March 22...Both teams are still at Gelvin's and plan to begin the return trip in the morning. Team "A" plans side trips to Slaven's cabin and a trip up the Tatonduk. Team "1" will probably head back in without a side trip. So Team "1" could be back in 4 days from now and Team "A" will be rolling in in about 5 days. The report I received tonight is that they are very happy and things were very successful during the first half of the trip.

Team "1" will have a hard day tomorrow as they have to climb and descend a 4000 foot mountain.

March 21...Both teams have had a great run to date and are ahead of schedule and are resting at Gelvin's.

Team "A" and Team "1" March 21, 2011  

March 20...Talked to Team 1 and have a message from Team A. Team A will call back later. Team 1 is near Hannah Creek on the Charley River and expect to be at Gelvin's tomorrow. They have had a great time and have been graced with lots of wildlife sightings. 8 to 10 sheep, a dozen wolves, moose and beaver.

They expect to be at Gelvin's tomorrow.

Team A pulled a suprise as they are at Gelvin's. They made it up and over the pass today and hopefully I will get to talk with them in about 45 minutes.

Wayne just called back and Team A is proud of the work they did today. They broke with snowshoes 7 miles of trail in some really deep snow. Were in knee deep overflow and climbed a 4000 ft mountain and decended the opposite side which is why I was so confused when I looked at their spot and the mountain was on the wrong side, the river was going the wrong way. Now that makes sense.

Teams A and 1 should be together tomorrow and will probably give the dogs a day or two to rest. Matt, the main snowshoer, also needs some rest time.

Team "1" March 20, 2011

Team "A" March 20, 2011

MARCH 19...Spoke with both teams tonight (19th). Both teams are doing great and apparently ahead of schedule. Team 1 is 15 miles up the Charley and Team A did not say specifically where they were but that they had a mountain in front of them so I am thinking they are starting up tomorrow. I am a little lost with following them as they took all the maps so I am not able to pinpoint their locations for you, except with their spot checks.

Their only problem seems to be a failure with the sat phones to connect with each other so they will check in with me at night. If I do not hear from a team and/or a SPOT does not come it is not cause for worry as it probably means that they are in a steep canyon and will get messages out when they get out of the canyons.

Team "A" March 19, 2011

Team "1" March 19, 2011

Team "A" March 18, 2011

Team "1" March 18, 2011  Reached the mouth of the Kandik River and should reach the mouth of the Charley River on the 19th.

Team "A" March 17, 2011

Team "1" March 17, 2011


MARCH 17...And they are off or should I say, "the race is on!" What a great group of guys have come together for this 2 week expedition. With all the good natured ribbing it was hard to pick who would be Team A and who would be Team B or Team 1 and Team 2 so I made it easy...Meet Team "1"...David, Nate and Dries.


Meet Team "A"...Erik, Wayne and Matt


These are the last pics I will have of them until they return home.

Team "1" left first and headed 45 miles down the Yukon River for their first overnight and Team "A" left a few minutes later in the opposite direction to head out the 70-Mile River. The goal is for each team to work, breaking trail up and over a pass in the mountains. They will meet somewhere in the middle and give each other trail on the way out.

Each night they will be sending SPOT locations which I will post here so that you can follow their progress.

Both teams are tucked in for their first night...I will post any info when I received phone calls from the groups.







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