Court Oglivie has once again graced us with his work this year titled...

Eagle Paws

Oleg Margrisso has joined in with beautiful work showing the beauty of our wilderness and the love of our dogs...

The Big River Crossing 

Dogs of Alaska


The 2017 season is nearing completion and trails are wonderful. Plenty of fresh snow and cold nights with bright sunshine and warmer days.

The 2016 season ended with wonderful success. The touring season went well and the Expedition, though difficult, was a wonderful success.

The dogs are enjoying some off time before half of the yard goes with our son to the Skagway Glacier with Alaska Icefield Expeditions. The other half of the yard is here with us locked in by the ice left when the Yukon River ice broke up a few days ago. One of the earliest, if not the earliest break up on record. The ice jammed here at 6-Mile Bend and created almost a repeat of the 2009 ice jam and flood.

You will see from the following pictures that the dogs are enjoying some walks and Wayne and I were very happy to find our boat and fish wheel still intact and operational. It was a close call.



IN AMUNDSENS FOOTSTEPS Expedition was a wonderful success.

Please go to the home page to see the current info and blog on the expedition.

In February of 2016 Wayne is taking time off from guiding for Bush Alaska Expeditions to travel with 2 other explorers on a personal expedition that has long been his dream. They are embarking on an ambitious 700 mile expedition by dog sled in one of the coldest and remotest places on the planet.

In 1905 Roald Amundsen completed a 700 mile journey to tell the world of his successful navigation of the North West passage. For the first time in 111 years, a team of three people using sleds and huskies will retrace his footsteps. Amundsen also was the first explorer to reach the South Pole using dogs (of course) in his race to the pole against Robert Scott.

They will be comparing terrain and diary entries to shed light on the changes in exploration and the landscape over the last century, sharing their story with an educational program in schools and general public around the world.

This project is supported by The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with a Neville Shulman Challenge Award.

Details of the expedition are below, we would love to discuss further the possibility of your support.


Starting in February 2016 the expedition will take approximately 40 days. This will be a team of three people and 22 sled dogs. The expedition will be carried out in extreme temperatures in one of the most remote areas left on the planet. The link to our website is

In Amundsens Footsteps


We have created an educational program connecting six schools in Canada, Alaska, Norway and the UK who will work together to bring a focus to climate change, geography and the history of exploration.

The program will broaden student's syllabuses, create exchange opportunities and enhance learning experiences in both isolated and populated schools.

The 2016 Season is rolling in upon us and is looking to be a good one with mild temps and plenty of snow.

Our son, Matt Hall, has run in 3 races so far this winter season and won all of them. He made us proud as he crossed the finish line of the Copper Basin 300 in 1st place today, Jan 11, 2016. Way to go Matt!

The 2015 season was a wonderful season. Plenty of snow and for the most part mild temperatures had everyone enjoying days out on the trail.

The dogs also had a good winter and are enjoying the summer.

February 2014 news...

Our son, Matt Hall has some very awestruck parents and quite a fan following as he competed in theYukon Quest 1000 mile Dog Sled Race.

Matt Hall finished with a very strong team

in 3rd place and was awarded the Rookie of the Year, The Spirit of the North and the Vets Choice.

Follow his progress on our Face Book Page...


Here are the links to his finish line interviews on YOU TUBE and YUAC!




Oct has rolled around so quickly that I have lost track of time and how to work this web site as I cannot unbold this. We are in the final days of travel before the river starts running ice.

The chum salmon came in strong, we got our winter meat, watched the caribou migrate across the Yukon River here at the homestead and made the final supply run over 3 mountain passes with the snow flying.

Now we wait for our winter season, it is a bit of a slowdown for us and enjoyable for the dogs as they get lots of free running getting in shape for winter tours.

July 14, 2013...Summer has been interesting with lots of hot weather, high water and bugs. Took some doing but finally got a new video loaded to Vimeo.

March 2013 Dog Sledding Video by Mike and Katie Rabalais


June 23, 2013…Hum, missed solstice…Happy Solstice…

Aug 14, 2012...The second wave of suicidal porcupines have broken through the perimeter of the homestead and here is one of the two wounded warriors.


Happy 4th of July...Here's hoping every one had a nice day.

We went into Eagle and enjoyed the socializing for a bit then came home to find one of the retired dogs with porky quills in its mouth. He was a sweetheart and let us pull them out and we got them out quickly and then went looking because the critter had to be close. LilGirl led us to one of the storage tents and there was this big guy trying to hide. We did not have the heart to shot him so got a dog kennel and backed him into it and went for a ride on the river and released him in a spot that he cannot get into any more dogs.

The garden is growing and we are finally getting some rain so can stop watering. The river is very high and still coming up. Hopefully by fishing time it will have gone down to where we at least have a beach.

June 17th...Happy Father's Day...Wayne is not too impressed with the gift the dogs gave him...


Personally, I am not either...a bear up a tree in the dog yard all night...Quiet PLEASE!

June 15...summer is moving on nicely, the garden is growing and the dogs are enjoying the freedom of daily walks. Lonesome our single pup from an anticipated litter is 3 weeks old and cute as a button.

We have been enjoying travel on the river and came across an interesting discovery. Is it a new species...?


See our new page on Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

New videos posted on line.

http://www.vimeo.com/9585808 .

http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=1112025 .

 You will see some familiar faces in this video from the Denver Glacier in Skagway where Matt is working this summer..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haVEMBdhnIQ&sns=em .

May 7, 2012...Time does have a way of passing and getting away from me. April brought warm weather and melting snow. The river ice became dangerous to cross early but then the last bit of winter held on until a few days ago when the ice from Dawson finally pushed through the area. I spent some time down south with my mom so I missed break up but arrived back to a shoreline lined with huge piles of ice. No way to launch a boat. Wayne had scouted out a landing sight near home so friends helped me launch a canoe and once I felt balanced and stable I pushed out into the river amid the flowing ice. I had 6 miles to work my way across the river. It was actually a lot of fun once I realized I had total control and could work around any large chunks of ice. Wayne and 4 dogs were waiting to pull me in near our boat landing area. We then put the supplies I brought into backpacks and hiked along the ice packed beach to the 4 wheeler and proceeded to work our way along our water logged trail. Last winter's freeze on Last Chance Creek has caused the water to divert and it is running across about 200 yards of our trail system. It will be awhile before we can easily drive the trail and launch the canoe. So we are enjoying time here with the dogs, enjoying some quiet and getting some chores done. Matt is on the Skagway glacier with a lot of the dogs...waiting to hear how they are all doing.





A word about

your Hosts

and Guides on your dog

sledding trip



Mush your own sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies through the Alaska, Yukon Wilderness.

We began running adventure dog sled trips after many years in the Alaska wilderness. Starting our sledding with a small team as a hobby which has grown to involve our whole family.

Here is a little background information on our family of 3 and our dogs:  We are Wayne and Scarlett Hall, son Matt and a nice number of friendly, energetic huskies. We began mushing as a hobby more than 18 years ago with our own dog and a few borrowed dogs.  It quickly led to a breeding program of raising our own sled dogs.  Each dog is special, each dog has a name and a personality, and each dog on its own could make someone a wonderful pet.  Our dogs are raised as part of a happy family.  They work hard for us all winter and they get their playtime in the summer.  They love to take walks, go for rides in the boat and runs thru the forests, heck even meeting up with the occasional porcupine, which for them is a blast, at least for a few minutes! 

Each dog is taught from a pup to come to its name, to sit and to whoa (stay).  So we do not hesitate to let them loose to run around because we know that they will come when called and are very happy to do so. 

Once we had developed our own sled dog teams we began yearly adventures into remote Alaska.  For up to 3 months, the three of us would be totally isolated in interior Alaska.  Dependant only on ourselves and the dogs.  We had no outside communication and the dogs were our transport, to haul our supplies and us from one remote site to another.  It was during these years that we learned our survival skills, because our lives actually did depend on our skills and ourselves.  There was no one out there to bail us out, no trail to follow, and no safe route to take.  We put in our own trails over miles and miles of wilderness forests and jumbled river ice.

We decided to put our skills and dogs to the test and Wayne ran in the 2002 Yukon Quest (a 1000 mile dog sled race) becoming the first musher, in the history of the race, to finish with all 14 dogs and received the Challenge of the North Award for his finish. He competed again in 2006 finishing 10th and received the Sportsmanship Award. In 2009 he ran his last Quest with a young 2 yr old team and finished a strong 15th with a team that had never raced before. 

Matt has continued in his father's footsteps and was the Copper Basin Champion in 2016 and the Yukon Quest Champion in 2017.

Our dogs have proved over and over again their loyalty and love.

Nate Becker has come on board and been working with us for a many of years. He has spent many years as a paramedic/fire fighter with the National Park Service. We highly value the skills he has brought to our group as one of our guides and friend.

"I am all the time asked what it is about this way of life that I so enjoy. The answer is simple: Mushing dogs in this part of the world is the most "real" endeavor I have every undertaken. There is nothing contrived about running a team of Alaskan Huskies through this inhospitable land. In essence, this is the most "alive" I have ever been." -Nate Becker

Matt Emslie has returned to guiding for us after a couple of years in the Peace Corps in Jamica.

"My greatest passion has always been the outdoors. After experiencing diverse landscapes, I have come to find my home, here in the Alaskan Bush. Here, with my dogs, I find a great satisfaction and joy of life. By living remote and following a simple lifestyle I am fulfilling a lifelong dream. It is heartening to know that I create very little impact on my surroundings and the landscape that gives me so much. This is my contribution to our world." -Matt Emslie


Deb Cawthorn one of our newest guides... has participated in several expeditions with us over the last few years and has a very special connection with dogs. She is also proudly owned by her own two Siberian Huskies, Akela and Tsavo. Deb is an endurance Ultra Runner and Triathlete and recently retired from the US Coast Guard after 23 years of active duty service.

"No words or photos can explain the mystery and hidden spirit of mushing dogs in the Alaska Wilderness - it's simply something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate it's majestic beauty. I am humbled Wayne and Scarlet have provided me this opportunity - I can't imagine any other way to be spend "retirement"!"

Greg Ott has joined our team this year...

"I was born near Kansasville, Wisconsin. I dreamed of becoming a cowboy skilled in hunting, roping cattle or even a rodeo rider.
When my family moved to Ely, Mn I discovered a vast new world called the Boundary Waters and Superior National Forest! I was surrounded by a huge expanse of wilderness with endless places to explore! I was introduced to dog sledding from the locals and realized there is no greater way to explore than with man's best friend. I knew from then on that I was destined to run a dog sled. I ran with my new found love all around the BWCA. When I met Paul at Wintergreen Dog sledding adventures he gave me the opportunity of a lifetime guiding trips through the wilderness. As I grew more experienced and Minnesota seemed to shrink, I turned my attention to America's last frontier. THAT, is where I found the great Bush Alaska Expeditions!"



March 2013 Dog Sledding Video by Mike and Katie Rabalais


"A Quest for Adventure" and "Twenty-four Feet Across the Yukon," are two videos a gifted client, Court, has put together. His videos covers so much of what happens while on tour with us and a segment of the Eagle Checkpoint during the Yukon Quest 2014 Dog Sled Race and our son, Matt Hall's race.

Twenty-four Feet Across the Yukon

A Quest for Adventure


Dec 31, 2011...has us wishing you a very wonderful New Year, may it be a good one.

The last week for us has been hectic with the start to our tour season, severe cold temps and Nugget our female developing a problem over the Christmas weekend. She was due to have a litter of pups app Dec 28th. She developed an extreme infection in her uterus and it looked like we had lost all the pups. We were able to get her on a plane to Fairbanks and Dr Renee Rember. An ultrasound showed at least one live heartbeat so they got busy and went in to remove her uterus and pups. 4 of the 7 pups were alive. The pups were not quite 48 hours old when they made the flight back to Eagle with temps nearing 30 below. We grabbed the kennel and slammed it into the sled and headed to the store to warm her and the pups up. She had the pups so surrounded with her body that we decided to leave them there. The original plan was to have Wayne hold them inside his coat. We made a very slow trip down the river in the dark and only ran into problems on the steep hill coming off the river. So had to pull sled and machine back down and circle for another run at it at higher speed. But Nugget being a good mom did not squish anyone and warm hands were waiting at the cabin to hold pups as we got mom settled under the kitchen table. They will stay here until the weather warms some. They are a very contented set of pups. One is still very small but appears healthy and growing so hopefully it will catch up with the other 3. 3 females and 1 male...Rudolf, Vixen, Prancer and Dasher are a much wanted addition to our kennel.


Dec 23...the snow has been lightly falling all night. A very fine misting snow that does not build up to much depth but it is still beautiful. We are going to have a quiet Christmas here at the homestead before our season starts. Have a very Joyous Christmas Season!

Dec 7, 2011...has the river still knee deep in overflow in spots. Kind of a different year out there but when it finally settles down there should be a good running edge for trails.

Wayne and I have enjoyed looking at some of the "from model to musher" pictures that are in a lot of web sites so we thought we would add our own. We have titled this...Before and After...

Dec 1...Thanksgiving was a lot of fun with company from downriver and then Hugh, Nicole and Jessie mushed in from Tok, with 37 dogs in 2 teams. I think most of the run was a lot of fun but the ice and our low snow trail system here at the homestead had the departure a little bit exciting. Just after they left to go back the river decided to rise and we are dealing with a lot of wet stuff right now. Once it freezes back down then travel will be good once again. This is a picture of Matt as he did some dog training back and forth in the overflow.


Nov 19...has us waiting to see what the river looks like. The ice came to a grinding halt the morning of the 17th and then gound along again for a few minutes packing in harder. Yesterday we had a great running edge of frozen overflow covered with lots of hoar frost. We heard that the ice in Eagle stopped yesterday morning but then in the afternoon was moving again so we are waiting for daylight to see if anything changed here overnight. With luck Eagle was just packing in filling in the holes which is what the movement the day before did here. There is the possibility of some great travel if we get some snow...snow...snow...

Oct 30th...Second snowfall and ice flowing in the river have us antsy for enough snow to start running dogs with sleds. The dogs really enjoy the free runs and it is a great time to get puppies out on ice and used to different weather/winter conditions. But for us it is more fun to be flying on the back of a dog sled rather than avoiding them with a 4 wheeler that has soft brakes.

Oct 19th...First snow on the ground. Sure is pretty and the dogs are excited to be racing around in it. Matt made it home yesterday ahead of the storm. So we are all tucked in awaiting the river freeze up. There might be another trip or two into Eagle to check mail as long as the temps keep too much shore ice from forming.

Oct 7th (I think)...winter is just around the corner and we are just about all tucked in waiting for it. Got the fish wheel parked high and dry today. Winter meat is hanging alongside some of the chum salmon that is hanging drying for some dog food this winter. We look forward to the coming season as it is a time to relax...a little...finish off some chores...and work at getting the dogs into shape.

Matt (Garf) has gone south for a couple of weeks to visit Alyssa but is looking forward to a good winter training and running dogs.

Matt has a website going as he starts preparing for racing. If you get the chance check out http://smokinacekennels.com/

He came home with a surprise for us. It seems he was picked as Tour Guide of the Season in Skagway. Mom and dad are very proud of our kid.



Sep 16th...all are home safe and most of the supplies are in. Here is a pictorial of the past few days.





May 23 has had the dogs very excited with 2 unusual visitors into the dog yard. On at least 5 visits that Wayne and I witnessed a lone white wolf came calling. This has had us pondering the question of is it safe to allow the beautiful animal such close proximity to the dogs? There are many stories about such visits and some have bad endings but many have interesting and wonderful endings. Ours was a good ending. The wolf meandered about showing no aggression towards the dogs or us. He has not visited in the past 3 days. Neither Wayne nor I thought to grab the camera in our excitement at getting to watch him.

Now last night and today is a different story! This bear has no problem allowing us all the time we need to practically pose him for shots. As long as he stays to the trails we are going to enjoy him.

September 12, 2011...just this second the sun has topped the rise and lite up the bright yellow leaves into a very vivid color. Fall is here, frost is on the ground and ice is in the buckets. The fall chum (fish) are passing through and we are busy catching food for ourselves and the dogs.

Matt made it home from the glacier with all the dogs intact and then I clipped one of his pups with the four wheeler. It has been touch and go but looks like the leg is going to be okay.

We have had a nightly visitor for a few nights and were thinking it was a bear but it turned out to be a large black wolf. Matt shot it just outside of his dog yard. We should have realized it was a wolf as the dogs closest to it each night were terrified. Guess we were lucky. I love to see the animals but when they come into the yards it becomes too risky. A dog can be a tasty morsel for a wolf.


Aug 31, 2011...cannot believe that another summer is coming to a close. It has been a really nice summer, even with all the rain. The river has continued to be high but is now dropping. The fall chum salmon are starting to arrive and the run looks to be good. Matt will be home from the glacier in a few days with most of the dogs. It will be good to have everyone home.

The garden has turned out really nice and there will be lots of veggies to eat for awhile this winter.

July 21, 2011...finally the liquid sunshine has given way to 2 days of true sunshine and it is really nice. The garden is loving it. The river is still up into the willows, record heights for this time of year but it will hopefully start dropping and stay down. The dogs are enjoying their relaxed summer and the daily romps that they get to have. Two of the retired girls just hang loose in the yard, all the time and Rita, Wayne's favorite leader, has been loose for 2 months. Her perimeter has extended from her dog house out about 20 feet into the grass of the yard. She knows she is loose but will only come further when called.

The garden is growing well. The king run has stayed weak so we really cut back on our personal fish this year. We are hopeful for a good chum run which is used to supplement the dogs food throughout the winter.

July 3, 2011...rain, rain go away..........................Days...no make that weeks of rain and things are wet. The yard is one giant puddle and the trails are running water and mud. Made a quick trip out for supplies so that most of our supplies would be in here in case the road goes out again. It has been closed 3 times already this summer but only for short periods. Keep your fingers crossed. The trip in was done overnight and what fun it was...2 hares, 2 porcupines, 1 large black bear, a duck and oddles of her young created a line across the road that had us hooting with laughter. We also saw 15 moose.

The water in the river is the highest it has ever been on the 1st of July. We are unable to put our fishwheel in while it is this high but I am not too upset about it as right now the Chinook...king...run is shaping up very poorly. We are thinking of not doing our strips and only getting a few cases canned.

Talked to Matt today...he and the dogs are all doing well on the glacier.

June 25, 2011 is a sunny day after days of rain. Rain hard enough to cause washouts and mud slides but it gave me a good excuse to get the new pictures on the photos page. Please check them out.

Check out a neat video, "Twenty-four Feet Across the Yukon," that one of our clients, Court, has put together. His video covers so much of what happens while on tour with us. http://www.vimeo.com/21423713 .

May 27, 2011...has things fulling into summer operation. Wayne and I helped Nate and Matt move dogs for their summer on the glacier in Skagway and in Chicken. A wonderful friend from England came and houseset for us as we took our first vacation and had a great time. We returned home with a truck and trailor loaded with supplies, dog food and lumber and it is still sitting in Eagle waiting until we can get the large boat into the water.

Break up extended a little with cooler weather and then went out nicely except that our trail system wound up under water from the iced creeks. We had to back pack whatever supplies we wanted. Wound up getting the ranger stuck in a mud bog and had to winch out. The honda 8 broke and we had to put a 30 hp on the canoe in order to get into Eagle to get it fixed. Mush have been a fun sight.

The dogs that remain at the homestead are being spoiled rotten and having a great summer. Racky our matriarch is physically strong but totally deaf and mostly blind. She has the run of the yard and we have to look for her before we move anything as you can drive a 4 wheeler inches from her and she does not respond. She loves to go hiking with us but stays almost within touching distance in order to not get left behind. Last summer we got ahead of her and it took us a long time to get her attention as she was roaming back and forth on the riverbank looking for us.

The garden is basically in. The planted seeds are up and the starts went in yesterday. The potatoes will hopefully go in tomorrow. Hopefully...salads in a few weeks.

March 3, 2011...wow, time flys when you are busy and having fun. It has been a very cold winter but the trails have been great and all the clients have been wonderful. The dogs are in great shape as they head into their last month of the touring season. It is a full month, busy with clients and the expedition.

This year's expedition is sending two groups of 3 teams in opposite directions with plans to meet up somewhere at the headwaters of the Charley River in the middle of nowhere, to complete a 300 mile loop.

Jan 23, 2011...the weather keeps teasing us...giving us one day of warmth and then back into the deep freeze but all are staying warm and the dogs are enjoying the activity.

Jan 20, 2011...Has Eagle in the grips of cold. Everyone is dressing with extreme caution to avoid getting cold. The trails that are in are great and conditions are setting up for us to get others opened up. Short of it being on the chilly side it is a good mushing season and the dogs are healthy, happy and enjoying the activity.

Happy New Year! We at Bush Alaska Expeditions want to wish each and everyone a peaceful and happy New Year. On the home front the temps have warmed to a balmy 15 degrees above zero. The dogs are beginning to get into excellant touring shape and the trails are starting to all come together into some great trail running.

Merry Christmas, 2010...sounds like a lot of the lower 48 is having a white Christmas. For us it is definitely white and beautiful. Trails are beginning to be established and the river running is great in this area. The dogs are getting into shape and loving the trips. Weather has been a bit nippy but it has warmed a little. Good gear is essential. Clients arrived yesterday and were a little cold after the plane flight but once they got suited up they were amazed at how warm they got.


Dec 1st...FREEZE UP...sometime last night the ice stopped moving, coming to a really easy stop here at our bend in the river. It is setting up to be a superhighway of travel this season. Right now there is massive overflow going on but with the little jumble and the cold temps things are going to turn out sooooo nice. The only drawback will be that wind might blow the snow down to the ice at times. So dogs will get a lot of ice work this year.


Nov 21st...We finally got a good dump of snow...deep enough to run single file and get hung up here and there. Any good dog sled maker will tell you that the distance between the brush bow and the foot -pads on the runner that the musher stands on is a critical distance. You know you have it right when the brush bow clips a tree and the entire snow load of the tree falls directly on the head of the musher.....cooling him off from the difficult trail-breaking routine

Nov15th...and the river is still running ice. The temps have continued to stay mild and snow stays light. But it has snowed 2 inches today and a cold snap is moving in so we are hopeful that in a few days things will change. Our pet marten came home just after my last post. It was great to see him after his summer of exploring. We have had a grizzly wondering around the fish crib and the cabin but he appears to have moved on but a lone wolf and 3 legged fox keep hanging around. The dogs are enjoying their free runs but that is changing to runs in a team with Wayne or Nate on the sled. This time of year it is a good time to do additional training and get the dogs into top form before tours start. The dogs are loving the runs and so far most of the runs have ended with the guys very happy with their teams and the training that went on.

Oct 25th...third day of ice flowing in the river. It started with some slush on the 22nd which formed into ice pans on the 23rd. This picture was taken yesterday. Each day will have the ice pans thickening and growing larger, with pans freezing together and forming much larger ice formations. This will continue until ice is strong enough to jam in narrow or shallow spots. Then travel on the Yukon will begin again only this time over the ice and not in the water.


Oct 20th...2 inches of snow on the ground but the river is still ice free. We went to town yesterday and drove through the road construction to the 40-Mile and put up the tent that we use sometimes and the Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race mushers use as a rest stop in February. Last week the guys went downriver to drop off a cache of supplies for winter touring and had 2 bull moose come out to see them. The pics are of the one that heard them rattling around in the brush and swam the Yukon before coming up within feet of the boat. Our son, Matt had placed himself up on the bank to get the picture as he walked by.


Oct 7th...Matt and the dogs settled in and fishing began to take over the days. The chum run was smaller than the fish biologists had predicted but we filled our racks for the first time in 3 years. It is a pretty sight. Everybody quickly got busy and pulled the fish wheels out of the water and parked up on the shore. The next day snow hit the ground and stayed for about 4 days before a warm up brought us back to more normal fall temps.

All supplies are in...well...still 1 ton of dog food to come but it is slated to get here, so we are set for winter. The dogs are enjoying their free runs and we are looking forward to a little slack time as we await a couple of litters of pups. Both Matt and Nate are working on expanding their dog teams.

Moose hunting did not go so well for us and the guys were getting pretty tired of the early mornings and late nights, especially not seeing even a cow. So when friends notified us that the caribou had made it to the summit Matt and Nate took off. Wayne stayed here as we had some business to take care of. Just about dark the guys came in with 2 medium sized caribou. So that with last years moose should give us enough meat for the winter.

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