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Mush your own sled dog team of Alaskan Huskies through the Alaska, Yukon Wilderness.


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Our tours have had a lot of really great trails...travel on the Nation River, 40-Mile River, 70-Mile

River, Eagle Creek, American Summit, Yukon River, Tatonduk River. Many of our trail systems take

us deep into the Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve which is a 2.2 million acres protected

wilderness area. There is travel above treeline over mountain summits, along creeks and river

drainages and into boreal forests. We have other routings. Next season they could be some of the

same and they could extend to other trailsystems. One of our routes can take clients up and over

the Charley River Drainage. This area allows a side trip to view the remains of a B-24D that

crashed in 1943. There is a great survival story attached to this crash.


Check out a neat video, "Twentyfour Feet across the Yukon," that one of our clients, Court, has put together. His video covers so much of what happens while on tour with us.

http://www.vimeo.com/21423713 .

March 2013 Dog Sledding Video by Mike and Katie Rabalais











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Run your own sled dog team


Alaskan Huskies through the

Alaska / Yukon Wilderness.

We specialize in extreme, hard-core wilderness travel using highly trained Alaskan huskies. This area of Alaska is one of the most remote locations left on earth.  Because a true wilderness experience becomes tainted with a large group or "party," we limit our tours to one or two clients plus your guide.  (Except on special request for a larger group, by you.)  You can customize your tour to your own personal physical abilities and expectations which can include day trips and simple overnight adventures in a tent camp or an original miner/trapline cabin dating back to the early part of the century or you can experience a full-blown expedition as long as you want, mushing into country inhabited only by God's creations, including caribou and wolves. 

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and/or questions e-mail us at bushalaskaex@gmail.com or bush_alaska_expeditions@hotmail.com or write us at:  Bush Alaska Expeditions, P O Box 161, Eagle, AK 99738.  No incoming phone calls due to the remote location but there is Internet access via satellite. Phone calls can be arranged via computer and satellite.   




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